Powered Pallet Trucks by Manual Handling Solutions

MHS offer an extensive range of powered pallet trucks which comprise of semi and fully powered equipment in a range of capacities from 1300kg to 3000kg. A wide range of sizes as well as a limitless range of bespoke options means there is always a truck to suit your requirements. For more information on this range of products please contact us or call 01553 811977. Click on your selection below.
STR1500 STR1500 Semi-Powered Pallet Truck  [view product]

STR1500 Semi-Powered Pallet Truck A semi-powered electric pallet trucks make light work of pallet handling. The load is raised manually as with a conventional hand pallet truck while a 24-volt motor then drives the truck.

SQR1300 SQR1300 Fully Powered Pallet Truck  [view product]

SQR1300 Fully Powered Pallet Truck The SQR1300 is a lighter duty, fully powered pallet truck, intended for general warehouse and similar indoor applications.

SQR1500/2000 Powered Pallet Trucks SQR1500/2000 Powered Pallet Trucks  [view product]

SQR1500/2000 Powered Pallet Trucks The SQR1500 & SQR2000 are heavy duty, fully powered pallet trucks.

SQR3000 SQR3000 Powered Pallet Truck  [view product]

SQR3000 Powered Pallet Truck The SQR3000 heavy duty, fully powered pallet truck for the most demanding of applications.

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