Animax Resuscitation Unit, Resuscitation Unit Animax

The resuscitation device which allows for any assistant, be it a lay person or a professional, to perform optimum resuscitation. Particularly for persons we may call semi-professionals (e.g. red cross assistants, fire men, pool attendants, etc.) performing resuscitation is way more difficult than for paramedics and professional rescuers. Knowledge and capability to perform CPR is there, but often semi-professionals lack security and routine, as well as the necessary "feeling" for car-diac massage and assisted ventilation.
Likewise there is an enormous physical effort involved because the semi-professional rescuer must maintain CPR until the ambulance arrives. animax was produced to offer semi-professional rescuers a user-friendly, maintenance-free device for optimized resuscitation. However, for the professional field as well animax is extremely useful. For instance performing resuscitation while driving in the ambulance, in surgery or for the night personnel in the hospital, animax always proves to be an excellent and effective device.

The symmetrically adjustable gantry frame makes it possible to attach the device quickly to the patient. By pressing the button on the grips, animax can be adjusted vertically and horizontally to the patient. In one single movement you put the device on top of the patient's chest and move the side parts towards the patient's right and left side simultaneously.

The mask's fitting, spiro-set, is part of the animax. It consists of a stretching pillow, a mask fixture and two facial masks. The straps of the mask's ring adjust themselves in the middle, since the hook attached to the stretching pillow is rotatable. This way the mask seals tightly for ventilation and is quickly assembled and disassembled.

A reduction of the ventilation pressure adapted to animax keeps the patient from getting bloated. The rescuer can control the ventilation pressure with a pressure control at the patient valve. This control further indicates blocked airways or a defective seal.

When animax is put on the patient the device automatically adjusts to the correct depth of pressure for the cardiac massage. Depending on the patient's chest size the adjustment automatically takes place by means of a staff.

To locate the pressure point correctly and quickly there is an indicator, which shows the distance to the sternum. As for the correct location of the pressure point horizontally, it has become redundant since animax is equipped with a symmetrical width adjustment, i.e. the device is always in the middle of the patient's chest.

For ventilation animax uses surrounding air. However, oxygen can be added. The oxygen flow is retained by the reservoir bag from which animax sucks the appropriate volume. The reservoir valve makes it possible to add regular air if the reservoir bag is not filled sufficiently or by contrast it also prevents the bag from becoming too full.

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