Electric Utility Vehicles by Manual Handling Solutions

MHS offer an extensive range of electric utility vehicles for a wide range of industries. From tow tractors and electric multi passenger vehicles, Lift Safe's range is comprehensive and with its specialist design service can meet most customers' requirements. For more information on this range of products please contact us or call 01553 811977

E-280B Electric Tow Tractor [contact us]

E-280B Electric Tow Tractor The E-280B electric tow tractor is ideal for moving parts on long distances, freeing expensive forklifts for other jobs. With a towing capacity of 6,000 kgs, the E-280B serves most industrial applications. The E-280B has the lowest operating cost in its class - its rugged automotive differential, self-adjusting disc brakes and industrial battery require minimal maintenance.


E-348 Electric Vehicle [contact us]

E-348 Electric Vehicle The E-348 electric vehicle, with a powerful 15 HP motor and the running time of a 48-volt battery pack, provides an efficient replacement for petrol vehicles to move around your factory. The 4-passenger configuration, with a foldaway rear seat, allows you to carry personnel or cargo. Add the optional cab and panel box to move around the facility comfortably, protected from bad weather


E-240 Electric Carrier  [contact us]

E-240 Electric Carrier Increase your productivity efficiently with the E-240 electric carrier. At a cruising speed of 10 mph, the E-240 transports you and your stock three times as fast as by foot. With a towing capacity of 3,000 kgs, this unit is a versatile tool.


E-270 Electric Burden Carrier  [contact us]

E-270 Electric Burden Carrier The E-270 electric burden carrier is engineered for confined industrial settings and jobs requiring a long deck for more cargo space and capacity. Only 760 mm wide, it thrives in tight alleys. Highly manoeuvrable, thanks to a short turning radius, the E-270 can get closer to a work station, to save time and efforts. It has a towing capacity of 3,000 kgs to handle most industrial situations.


E-360 Electric Burden Carrier  [contact us]

E-360 Electric Burden Carrier The E-360 electric burden carrier is ideal for moving parts on long distances. The E-360 has the lowest operating cost in its class - its powerful 10 hp motor, rugged automotive differential and steering, self-adjusting disc brakes require minimal maintenance.


E-660 Electric Burden Carrier  [contact us]

E-660 Electric Burden Carrier The E-660 burden carrier is built solidly to handle the heaviest loads, up to 3,000 kgs. Material handling is easy thanks to its low cargo deck. The standard configuration comes with a single seat, half-cowl and full-length deck to carry extra long loads. The chassis has been designed to achieve maximum strength and rigidity, and provides an all-around protection. The cargo deck is available in several dimensions, with a wide array of options.


E-290GT  [contact us]

E-290GT The All-New E-290GT combines the stability of a 4-wheel tow tractor with the manoeuvrability of a 3-wheeler thanks to its exclusive steering design. With its powerful 15 HP, it can handle the tough jobs - it can negotiate steep ramps, and pull a back breaking load of 10,000 kgs.


T236  [contact us]

T236 T-236 is designed and engineered to meet today's performance, safety and ergonomic requirements. An all-steel construction ensures durability and the hefty rear body section transfers more weight on the drive unit to increase traction and stability. It boasts a towing capacity of 6,000kgs.


T124  [contact us]

T124 The T124 has been designed for applications requiring frequent starts and stops, as well as keeping in mind the industry's concerns with safety and ergonomics. Large wheels provide a smooth ride over rough floors and minimize fatigue and back pain problems. The foot-operated accelerator combines an automatically applied dead man brake to increase safety of operation and prevent unattended vehicle movement.

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